Gianni Infantino Opens a New Era

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Gianni Infantino opens a new era in FIFA, after defeating the one who had the sympathy of Josep Blatter and represented the power of money the Arab has taken a position in football, Salman bin Ibrahim Al-Khalifa of Bahrain.

Gianni Infantino Manifesto

The triumph of the Swiss, also, the of the old Europe, able to join in on block despite the crisis opened by the penalty to Michel Platini, to seduce South America, with the help of Angel Villar, and take advantage of the struggles in the Arab world, since, in the second round, tallied 18 votes, most of which had gone to the Jordanian Prince Ali bin Hussein.Infantino received, therefore, 115 and 88 of Salman and four of Ali, in the second ballot.

The lawyer, of 45 years, until the new general secretary of UEFA, will assume the position of president for three years, that was left to Blatter, and must then renew the mandate if you want. With the new reforms that also passed in Zurich may not be more than 12 in the charge. Excited, could not hold back some tears as he addressed the presidents of national federations. “I don’t have words,” he said. Asked for help in the reforms that have been of address to return the respect to the organization. “We’re going to restore the honor of the FIFA. We have to feel proud of what we will do together”, he added.